Established in 1958, K & S Company Inc. (“K & S”) is a full-service property management company that provides services to owners of shopping centers, office buildings and apartment complexes. K & S has a complete staff of property managers, accountants and leasing agents who handle half a billion dollars in real estate assets. K & S executives have over one hundred years of combined experience in the industry. The company philosophy has been to focus specifically on the details of property management, so K & S offers no brokerage or development services that our clients might view as conflicts.

We believe stability is the key. The average employee has worked at K & S for fifteen years and the average client has relied upon the company for twenty years. With a tenant roll of over 2,500 people living and conducting business in hundreds of varied properties, K&S Company has the history, expertise and longstanding local support to make a difference in Bay Area communities.

Our Services

K & S is a full-service real estate property management firm committed to creating and implementing comprehensive value enhancement programs for property owners.These programs are based on well-founded objectives and a wealth of resources and relationships centered in the San Francisco Bay area. This commitment consists of the following principles:

  • – Provide the best possible living experience for our tenants
  • – Utilize, maintain and grow long-standing K&S contacts in the Bay area community to provide fast, efficient property maintenance below market rates
  • – Maximize current and future cash flow using comprehensive, customized software and fifty years of experience managing properties.

We actively oversee your investment to insure that it produces at a maximum rate, inflation is offset, deterioration is prevented, and the occupancy rate remains high. Each of the departments listed below is important to the property owner and each is a hallmark of professional management. The special training and experience of a Certified Property Manager is at your service in maintaining, modernizing or altering the use of the building. We keep track of valuation and insurance, and we personally strive to maintain satisfactory relations between owners and tenants.

Full-Service Property Management: Move-In/Move-Out inspections, New tenant screening (includes credit check, employment verification, previous landlord reference, cosigner requirement for tenants with less than 2 years employment), Lease negotiation/execution/renewal, Tenant account management including Late fee or Damages assessment.

Construction Supervisory Services: Day-to-day Maintenance services, 24/7 On-Call Emergency response, Third Party Vendor fee negotiation and assignment, Renovations/Additions project design and management.

Accounting and Information Technology: Strategic asset planning/repositioning, Market assessments, Capital improvement programs, Comprehensive statements including Income/Expense reports, Expense Distribution, Check Details, Summary of Receivables by Charge Code (a Yardi feature), Journal Entry Register, and Rent Rolls with detailed lease charges, delivered via email within the first week of the month.

Legal: San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley Rent Stabilization including rent ceiling adjustment procedures, Housing Authority and Section 8 processing (where applicable).

Our Staff

Our staff includes multilingual Leasing agents, Account Managers, On-Call Maintenance Managers, Resident Managers, and a network of hundreds of independent contractors and third-party vendors, all working towards the physical and financial management of the K&S community of properties.

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