Application Process

We welcome your application to be a part of the K&S community of managed properties. Below we have answered some frequently asked questions about our application process.

We’re a family of four. Who should apply?

All prospective tenants who are adults (18+) must fill out an application and submit a nonrefundable per applicant screening fee of $46.67.

Will I need a cosigner or guarantor?

We require a cosigner if one of the following qualifications does NOT apply:

  • Continuous, verifiable full-time employment and/or stable work history
  • Satisfactory credit score
  • Net income of three times the amount of the rent

A guarantor/cosigner must fulfill the following two requirements:

  • Owns their own home or property
  • Has a satisfactory credit score

Guarantors fill out a separate application and sign an agreement basically saying, “In the event that the lessees’ (tenants on the lease) account is delinquent and they are unable to pay what is owed to K&S, I agree to the responsibility of paying any and all remaining debt on the account.”  Multiple cosigners/guarantors are jointly and severally responsible for lessees’. K&S requires the original paperwork for cosigners living within the United States.

My cosigner lives outside of the United States. How can I proceed?

You may fax or email the Guarantor Form to the cosigner, who should fill it out and have it scanned/emailed or faxed back to K&S Co. Our fax number is (510) 528-1906. We realize this may be an inconvenience, but we still require the Cosigner agreement.

What are your requirements for credit?

While we understand that sometimes there are extenuating circumstances to cause a credit score to dip, generally we require a score of 650 or higher.

What are your requirements for income?

We require that prospective tenants earn at least three times the amount of the rent, collectively.

What if I don’t meet those requirements?

Then you must find a cosigner or guarantor who will agree to pay the balance on your account in case you are unable to pay what you owe.

Moving In

I love the place, I want to move in, so how can I prevent someone else from taking it?

We take a listing off the market when you submit: 1) application materials, 2) security deposit (usual equal to one and a half month’s rent* ) and 3) all screening fees.

*Properties in the City of Richmond may differ in the security deposit amount.

I love the place, I’m ready to fill out this application, but I still have a few months before I want to move. When is the latest I can move in?

Under most circumstances, we ask that prospective tenants be prepared to move in two weeks after submitting their application/security deposit/screening fees.

How do you handle partial month move-ins? How will I be charged for the First Month’s Rent if I move in during the middle of the month?

If your move-in date lands on the 1st to the 15th of the month, we prorate your first month’s rent; you would only pay the partial month’s rent.

If your move-in date lands on the 16th to the 31st of the month, we require the prorated first month PLUS the first full month before you move in. This is considered your ‘First Month’s Rent”.

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